RPS InsurreXtion - 635lbs @ 142.2 lbs | 303.9 Wilks

November 21, 2015 meet report


Previous Meet

  1. 9/12/15 - 9/9, 562 lbs @ 136 lbs, 182/115/265, 278 Wilks, USAPL

Training / Meet Prep

I've been lifting since September 2014, and I was doing Texas Method for the last few months. Since my last meet, I've changed the rep schemes for volume day lifts from 3x5 to 5x5, which was really good for my squat, but not very good for my bench. I've also added some drop sets after the intensity day lifts. It turns out that doing more work makes you stronger, who knew. I've also switched over to low bar squatting.

I did not cut weight this time because RPS has different weight classes than USAPL, and cutting > 10 lbs for the 132 lb class is not worth it for not even being that good. So I just moved breakfast to after the weigh-in and lost 2 lbs.




Thoughts / Conclusions

I got 2nd out of 2 in the junior, raw modern, 148 lb class for this plaque and placed last in the open class. But I'm pretty happy about squat and deadlift progress and also hitting some pretty numbers like 2 plate squat and 300 wilks. I'm not very happy about bench.

Going forward

I'll compete in a USAPL meet in May in the 72kg class, and also USAPL raw nationals 2016 because the QTs for junior ladies are still really, really low, so I'm going to aim for the open QT, 761 lbs.

Training-wise, I'm going to do this program for bench for 6 weeks in conjunction with TM, and then start Hepburn. Nutrition-wise, I'm going to start tracking food because eating in excess is hard.

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