SBWC Spring Classic - 237.5 kg @ 65.65 kg | 247.33 Wilks

May 1, 2016 meet report


Previous Meets

  1. 9/12/15 - 9/9, 562 lbs @ 136 lbs, 182/115/265, 278 Wilks, USAPL
  2. 11/21/15 - 8/9, 635 lbs @ 142.2 lbs, 225/120/290, 303.9 Wilks, RPS

Sometimes I am better at being strong, making attempts, and improving.

Training / Meet Prep

I did a few weeks of Project Momentum, which brought squat up to 240 lbs and deadlift to 305 lbs. But then I tweaked my low back during a deadlift, and it's still not feeling $💯%. It's not PM or Mike T's fault, but my own. After that, I ran two rounds of Smolov Jr for bench, and the first round added 10 lbs to my bench. I also went to a PT to fix myself. She said I have a weak core and glutes. I couldn't squat or deadlift much for a few months, but my back felt good enough to do this meet that I already signed up for and all my friends are going to.

I weighed in at 14 lbs below my weight class, but I didn't want to water cut to get a worse meet total than I've done before.



Possible problems: My PT said to not arch while benching, so I did the second round more flat backed. I also trained bench with the inner half of my heels down, but the outer half up, but that doesn't count in USAPL, so the foot placement change made leg drive difficult. 62.5 kg is 138 lbs, which I haven't done before. Waiting for the press command is tough. I usually train without a spotter, and having one feels different.


Thoughts / Conclusions

There were only 3 junior 72kg women, so I got a bronze. It's pretty frustrating because had I repeated my total from November's RPS meet, I would have been first. Whatever, it's a local meet. The important part is that I qualified for raw nationals, didn't re-injure my back, and got a bench meet PR!

Going forward

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