TPS MA State Strongman - last place @ 139.8 lbs

August 6, 2016 meet report strongwoman

Training / Meet Prep

I injured my back a few months ago, so I did some powerlifting training to try to regain strength, and sometimes going to Global Strongman Gym on Saturdays to train with strongman equipment. But usually not because it was far away, and I was lazy and possibly suffering some mild depression. Pre-injury PRs: 240/135/305 lbs.

I had the choice of doing novice women's category or 140 lb women's category. Novice women have lighter weights and no weight limit. 140 lb class has heavier weights. I chose the 140 lb category and botched the water cut. I initially weighed in at 144 lbs, which is around what I usually weigh, so I ran like 3 miles, some in a sweatshirt, spat, did magic water tricks to weigh in at 139.8.


  1. Circus dumbbell clean and press. Choice of 50 or 70 lbs. Zeroed out. I've done reps with a 55 lb big dumbbell before but I think I am confused on lockout because one of my reps was there forever and I didn't get down command.
  2. Deadlift max reps. Choice of 225 and 265 lbs. Was going to do 265 lbs and I've got that since my first powerlifting meet almost a year ago, but 245 did not come up in warm up, so got 225x9.
  3. Farmers walk. 50 ft with 130 lbs each hand, then 50 ft 160 lbs. I got the first implement and half of the second one.
  4. Husafell stone. 140 lbs max distance. Went 51 ft.
  5. Atlas stones. Got two over the thing. Last stone was 115 lbs.

Thoughts / Conclusions

Bad: I thought this went super poorly, which is why I put off writing this for three weeks. I should be able to clean and press a 50 lb dumbbell any day, and deadlift 265 lbs any day, and not being able to do that felt bad. Zeroing the first event feels bad, and I started crying after it. But I should be honest about how bad it feels, which is why I wrote this.

Good: I am glad I signed up for the meet because it was my first strongman meet and good experience. I'm also glad that I picked the harder weight class because I have high expectations for myself, even if I don't meet all my goals.

Going forward

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