USAPL Raw Nationals - 302.5 kg @ 65.61 kg | 315.18 Wilks

October 15, 2016 meet report


Previous Meets

  1. 9/12/15 - 9/9, 562 lbs @ 136 lbs, 182/115/265, 278 Wilks, USAPL
  2. 11/21/15 - 8/9, 635 lbs @ 142.2 lbs, 225/120/290, 303.9 Wilks, RPS
  3. 5/1/16 - 5/9, 523 lbs @ 145 lbs, 198/126/198, 247.33 Wilks, USAPL

Training / Meet Prep

I was recovering from a low back injury in May, then I did a strongwoman competition in August, then I did Project Momentum. I mostly regained my squat and deadlift, and I improved bench a lot. Still weighing in 14 lbs under my weight class.





Thoughts / Conclusions

I feel kind of dumb for taking two tries to hit a squat and a deadlift that I could definitely do, but at least I got them. This was my first time travelling far far away for a meet, so with the airplane ride and not preparing food, eating is really weird, so I weighed in a few pounds less than usual. I will age out of juniors by next nationals, so I will have to hit a much higher total to qualify next year. Also, when assembling my home gym, I bought an Ohio Bar as opposed to the Ohio Power Bar, so I was training on a bar that is whippier than is used in competition, so that made deadlifts a bit harder.

Overall, I've got a PR total, and I think I did a pretty good job. I had a great time competing, watching the primetime lifters, and meeting all these strong people.

Going forward

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