USAPL SBWC Spring Classic - 332.5 @ 67.65 kg | 338.82 Wilks

April 30, 2017 meet report


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120/67.5/145 @ 67.65 kg. Wow I'm tall.

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Previous Meets

  1. 9/12/15 - 9/9, 562 lbs @ 136 lbs, 182/115/265, 278 Wilks, USAPL
  2. 11/21/15 - 8/9, 635 lbs @ 142.2 lbs, 225/120/290, 303.9 Wilks, RPS
  3. 5/1/16 - 5/9, 523 lbs @ 145 lbs, 198/126/198, 247.33 Wilks, USAPL
  4. 10/15/16 - 7/9, 667 lbs @ 145 lbs, 237/143/287, 315.18 Wilks, USAPL

Training / Meet Prep

I got mono sometime in December, so I didn't lift for about a month, so getting back to lifting was pretty rough. Then I started Project Momentum 2017, which went really well for me. I tried to increase the 1 @ RPE 8 singles by 2.5 lbs/week for bench and its variations and 5-10 lbs/week for sqaut/deadlift and its variations. I technically did not finish the program because I got sick one week and had to push everything back a week, which worked well for this meet, but the deadline for the questionnaire was 4/26, so I filled it out with my current PRs, which was still a big improvement. Sorry Mike T.






Thoughts / Conclusions

I'm really happy with this meet because I got a lot stronger and picked some great attempts. I got 4th place in open and 2nd in juniors. I qualify for raw nationals as a junior, but I'm going to age out of it by October, and my total is 12.5 kg away from the open limit, so I cannot lift there.

Going forward

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